Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Zeta Phi Chapter

Founded In Service, Distinguished by Integrity, Bound by Brotherhood

 1948 Club
Help us Serve!!!

We are excited to inform you about Alpha Phi Omega, Zeta Phi Chapter's new “1948 Club!” 

Continuing the tradition of phenomenal leadership, friendship and service, the 1948 Club is an opportunity to fulfill our history and heritage of that has inspired us as brothers, inspired Howard University Students and inspired the entire community.

In honor of our founding date, we are inviting brothers to donate $19.48 to further our awesome tradition.  In recognition of your donation your name will be placed in our Black Beta Newsletter and sent out to all members of the chapter and the national office, as well as published on our website.  If you donate $65 (in recognition of our 65th anniversary since chartering at Howard University) or even more, you will receive a special gift in addition to the recognition in our newsletter!

Please help us to continue the legacy of excellence that was started so long ago! 




Club Members
Thank you so much for your donations!
Gregory Nelson
Elizabeth Prosper
Donnetta Butler
T. Nicole Merritt
Danitra Greer