Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Zeta Phi Chapter

Founded In Service, Distinguished by Integrity, Bound by Brotherhood

                     Frequently Asked Questions...


Q:Who Can Rush APO?

Any and every student, male or female, who is currently enrolled at Howard University with 12 or more Howard University credit hours and a minimum 2.7 grade point average is invited to Rush. Alpha Phi Omega does not use age, sex, ethnicity, major, or wealth as criteria for membership.

Q:Why Join APO and What Can APO Do For You?

College should be more than the acquisition of facts and figures; it should also broaden your experiences, expand and test your inherent abilities, and sharpen your social skills. Alpha Phi Omega, through its unique program of Leadership, Friendship and Service, can add this necessary but often lacking aspect of college life and at the same time enable you to help others while helping yourself.

Q:What Does Rushing Involve?

The purpose of Rush is to give you an opportunity to discover what Alpha Phi Omega is all about and what is has to offer you. Rush is important in that it helps you determine whether or not Alpha Phi Omega is right for you. However, it's also fun! Rush is a great way to start off the school year. Additionally, Rush provides an excellent introduction to our Service program, a chance to meet some of our members, and is also a great way to get involved in University life.
The time frame for Rush is not approximate, however, it is in the first month of each academic semester and consists of informational, fellowship, and service events. Information sessions are held prior to our weekly chapter meetings and anyone may show. Fellowship events are a means of getting to know Brothers of varied interest, age, and major through sharing fun and exciting activities. Service projects enable one to experience the focal point of what APO does, providing Service and assistance to a wide variety or areas as a group. Though not necessary, it is highly suggested that in order to fully experience the mutual relationship between you and APO that you attend one of each of the 3 areas of rush. Please contact the rush chairs if you would like to attend any fellowship event or Service Project.

Q:What Does Pledging Involve?

The APO Pledge Program, which will last six to ten weeks, is meant to aid each Pledge in discovering and developing leadership abilities; making and securing lasting friendships; planning and providing useful services for others; and being educated on our past and present nationally and locally. During the Pledge period you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that you have the desire and dedication to be an active Brother of the Fraternity.

Q:What Types of Monetary Costs Will Pledging Require?

Unlike traditional fraternities, APO has a significantly smaller charge for membership dues. As set by the national Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, pledging dues come at two points: at the induction into pledge ship and initiation into brotherhood. Inductions are at the beginning of the pledge period and initiations are at the end of the pledge period. Dues are the main source of income that provide the national fraternity and local chapters with an operating budget that enable such things costs for publications, conventions, administrative functions, chapter banquets, pledge manuals, pins & ornaments, and most importantly funding for a majority of the service projects that chapters run.

Q:Why isn't APO like a usual Fraternity?

Alpha Phi Omega is unique; it is a Service Fraternity. We use the concepts of fraternalism as a means of providing Service, to ourselves, as well as to others. The fact that our meetings are held in campus meeting rooms or our members' apartments or dorm rooms does not decrease our sense of Brotherhood. In addition, since we are unique, we have no conflict with social fraternities; independents, commuters, dorm dwellers, and social fraternity and sorority members: all are welcome as members of Alpha Phi Omega.

Q:What is the Relationship Between Alpha Phi Omega and Scouting?

Alpha Phi Omega was founded on Scouting principles. The Boy Scouts of America is represented on our National Board of Directors' however, BSA does not govern, control or finance Alpha Phi Omega in any way, and previous membership in a Scouting group is not required to join our Fraternity.

Q:What is the Policy on Hazing within APO?

Alpha Phi Omega does not tolerate any hazing or informal initiation. The Pledge Program will allow you to demonstrate your interest in Service, but in no way will it demean you as an individual or require you to perform personal Service for the Brothers.

Q:How Can You Be a Fraternity and Still Be Co-Ed?

At the 1976 National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, the delegates voted to open the ranks of full Membership to women, thereby making the Alpha Phi Omega experience available to all students. At that time, it was determined that Chapters, on an individual basis, could choose to admit women or to remain single-gender. Any Chapter chartered (or rechartered) after 1976 has been required to admit women.

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