Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Zeta Phi Chapter

Founded In Service, Distinguished by Integrity, Bound by Brotherhood


"The final estimate of men shows that history cares not an iota for the rank or title man has borne, or the office he has held, but only the quality of his deeds and the character of his mind and heart.” 

-Samuel Brengle


 The ZETA PHI Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is extremely dedicated to the development and enhancement of leadership skills in all of its members. We encourage every member to make a personal commitment to leadership in

 order to contribute to and ensure the success of our organization.

Currently, there are three categories of leadership opportunities in the ZETA PHI Chapter:

 1) Executive Board Officer: One of the most obvious ways to lead in the ZETA PHI Chapter is to hold an office on the executive board. Dedicated officers are vital to the achievement of success in our organization.

2) Committee member: There are several committees facilitated by executive board officers. Members serve on these committees in order to aid the committee chairs in implementing specific programs.

3) General member: As a general member, one is still expected to act as a leader. Each member has unique abilities and talents that are valuable to the livelihood of the chapter. Most importantly, though, we recognize that not all true leaders choose to carry a title and that a title does not necessarily constitute a true leader.


We expect the best from all of our members, whether they be officers or not. We recognize and appreciate the leadership potential and ability in each of our brothers.


As a group, we are aspiring to achieve the true excellence of LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, and SERVICE in the global community!